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Powerful Lead Generation Solution

allow your funeral home to increase revenues and decrease expenses

main features of FLO

Ease of Integration

With FLO, we have made it easy to use and to customize your lead generation requirements. Try our free trial today and see for yourself.

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Lead Generation & Opportunity Management

Let FLO walk you through your lead generation program. Set your tasks and automate your steps. Track and manage all your opportunities to stay in touch with your clientele.

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Activity Reports & Dashboard

Whether you like bar graphs or pie charts, FLO can provide all your customized reports and metrics. With one glance at your Dashboard, you can have all the reports at your fingertip in real time reporting.

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Why choose us?

In a few words: Simplicity, Affordability and Scalability.


FLO is simple to use, making it easier for you and your staff to make it part of your day to day routine without spending hours in training.


FLO is very affordable, no messy user licenses.  Use it for your entire company at one low price.


FLO is scalable, it will grow and adapt with your business. Whether you are a 2 person shop or a team of 200, FLO is the right solution.  As you need more features, you can add more modules (sales, service, inventory, work orders, accounting integration etc..)